Adolescents’ viewpoints about threshold or non-threshold away from relationships or other intimate behaviors was indeed divergent and primarily gendered

Adolescents’ viewpoints about threshold or non-threshold away from relationships or other intimate behaviors was indeed divergent and primarily gendered

Adolescents’ viewpoints about threshold or non-threshold away from relationships or other intimate behaviors was indeed divergent and primarily gendered

The study research protocol are published to two Ethics Committees namely; (1) the medical Search Stability Panel of one’s College german dating websites or university regarding Nigeria Practise Health Enugu and you may (2) the analysis and you can Integrity Panel from Ebonyi County Ministry regarding Fitness. Before admission towards the investigation webpages, ethical acceptance is actually protected about a few committees. Composed advised consent are obtained from parents/guardians off adolescents just who took part in interest group discussions. Ahead of studies collection participants had been informed of study objectives, masters and dangers of involvement, the rights so you can volunteer involvement and you will confidentiality of data. Composed concur ended up being obtained from studies members.


The new results for the adolescents’ views and permissiveness having relationship and you can sexual behaviors is demonstrated less than five themes particularly: relationship (hugging, holding and you will kissing); pre-relationship gender; informal gender; transactional intercourse; and you can age-disparate intercourse.

Relationship (Hugging, Touching, and you can Making out)

Adolescents’ views regarding the relationships was in fact varied. Although not, the fresh dominant consider conveyed by the both female and male participants is actually you to dating (hugging, touching, and you may kissing) try improper and you will unacceptable to own adolescents. Particular explanations delivered to non-invited of matchmaking is; that relationships (hugging, touching, and you can making out) is actually for people who are able to possess relationships, it is immoral and pre-disposes visitors to pre-relationship intercourse which leads to death of virginity. It after that explained you to definitely wedding in the pre-marital intercourse reveals visitors to the possibility of contracting intimately sent diseases, undesired maternity and abortion; losing out-of-school from the pregnant females and you will abandonment by kid accountable for the maternity. A few of the respondents together with indicated that making out isn’t acceptable due to their effect that it’s not best so you’re able to ingest a person’s saliva. Illustrative rates to buttress such solutions away from some female and male users realize:

Girls and boys that are as much as puberty ages kissing and you can hugging will make him or her feel making love instantly because they have a tendency to become an intimate need to their authorities. So the question to own sex make both not reach what they need to get to in life (R11, ADEZM, male adolescent).

Relationships is not an excellent just like the often, the guy possess the urge getting sex which leads to sexual intercourse (R9, ADOHF, ladies adolescent).

Touching and making out isn’t a since it is unhealthy to-be ingesting someone’s spit (R1, ADABF, girls teenage).

Concerning tolerance out of relationships, only male participants remaining in metropolitan groups revealed that matchmaking (hugging, holding and you will kissing) is appropriate, and a means of stating absolute attitude out-of love as it is found in overseas places.

Relationships and you may kissing might be anticipate since the perception is actually sheer therefore are God-made… Making out and you will hugging try icons off greetings and love… A lot of people deny making out however in overseas regions making out was the best thing along with brand new bible, it absolutely was considered invited both that have a hug regarding like in the event African culture said it’s crappy especially in Nigeria (R7, ADAFM, male adolescent).

Pre-marital Sex

Like perceptions throughout the relationships, the fresh dominant examine one of kids is actually you to definitely pre-marital gender are culturally unacceptable. It actually was perceived as an immoral choices once the pre-marital virginity is the best, therefore the standard is the fact just maried people is participate in intercourse. Specific asserted that Christians in addition to value pre-relationship sex while the a depraved work. Certain respondents considered that it’s due to too little adult handle you to specific teenagers engage in pre-marital intercourse. Of several and additionally concurred that pre-marital virginity is essential for boys and girls to eliminate contracting STIs. There were zero intercourse and set off quarters variations in adolescents’ perceptions about pre-relationship sexual wedding.

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